SUKIYAKI ~japanese traditional cooking~

This page introduces Japanese cuisine.This time I will introduce “Sukiyaki” and “Sukiyaki-Nabe”.

What is sukiyaki?

“Sukiyaki” is a traditional Japanese dish since 1862.Sukiyaki is cooked beef with Japanese seasoning.

You can eat not only beef but also vegetables deliciously and Body warms up.


What to prepare

・すき焼鍋(sukiyaki pot)

・スライスした牛肉(Sliced beef)

・白菜(Chinese cabbage)

・椎茸(Shiitake mushroom)


・長ネギ(Japanese leek)


・牛脂(beef tallow)

・すき焼きのタレ(Sukiyaki sauce)




①Cut vegetables and tofu

②Bake beef tallow and beef in sukiyaki pot

③Put sauce in a pot

④Put the vegetables and tofu in a pot

⑤Completed with fire

Eat on eggs as you like


Recommended sukiyaki-nabe

Sukiyaki-nabe is a pot which is indispensable to Sukiyaki.I will introduce a recommended Sukiyaki pot.

Reasonable sukiyaki-nabe


This is a reasonable pot.It can be used for both IH cooking heater and direct flame.

Premium sukiyaki-nabe

Personal sukiyaki-nabe

This  is a small pot.You can enjoy the atmosphere of the Japanese restaurant.


I will explain “sukiyakinabe” in Japanese  more detail on this page.

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